Partial Dentures Can Restore the Form and Function of Your Jaw

Partial Dentures Can Restore the Form and Function of Your Jaw

Have you lost one or several teeth but cannot or do not want to invest significantly in restorations? Tamarack Dental can offer you a removable solution in the form of a partial denture that looks natural and helps to restore the functionality and shape of your jaw. You can contact this dentist near you to replace the missing teeth in your mouth.

Partial dentures are developed from a mixture of metal and acrylic, which provides them the strength to manage your needs for chewing and speaking without affecting your aesthetic appearance. Some partials are developed entirely from acrylic, but these appliances are not as durable and structurally sound. However, they can be a solution for you, depending on your unique situation. You can rest assured that Tamarack Dental will help you select the appropriate partial denture to suit your requirements.

Why Consider Partial Dentures?

The bite pressures in your mouth begin to shift when you lose one or more teeth. The remaining teeth will also move to compensate for the gap in your bite. You will also experience shrinking of the soft tissues and the supporting bone close to the missing teeth. Your physical appearance will be altered, resulting in subsequent problems with your remaining teeth. Partial dentures keep the underlying structures of your mouth such as your gums, facial muscles, jawbone, and others engaged and active. They help to prevent further shifting of the teeth in your mouth to give you the confidence of having a beautiful and complete smile.

Do You Benefit from Partial Dentures?

When you visit the dentist in Altus, OK, you will receive information that partial dentures are a less invasive solution that is affordable, unlike other options for replacing missing teeth. They do require some maintenance but are easy to get accustomed to for many patients. Partial dentures can do an excellent job of restoring the functionality and beauty to that part of the mouth missing the teeth. Cleaning the partials every day is crucial but is a simple process that will help to keep your gums healthy and the partials looking great. Furthermore, if you need adjustments like expanding the partials, you can always contact partial dentures in Altus, OK, for the care required and receive a solution promptly and cost-effectively.

Partials are an appropriate solution when you have other healthy teeth in your mouth. It would be best if you preferred to keep all your natural teeth as far as possible. However, if it isn’t an option, you can find a solution in full dentures that will be the right solution for you. You may also consider implant-supported dentures that can fix your dentures in place to take away the concerns of shifting or slipping out of your mouth when least expected.

What Are the Costs of Partials?

The unique dental needs you have will dictate the overall price of the partial denture. However, this option is certainly a cost-effective solution for most patients, especially with the affordable prices offered by the dentist in Blair.

Can You Eat with Partial Dentures?

Giving you the form and function of your natural teeth is the task assigned to partial dentures. You will require some time to become accustomed to the partial appliance but eventually will be able to enjoy most of the foods you love. You should begin with soft foods and bear in mind to chew slowly on both sides of the mouth. Hard and sticky foods must be avoided in the early stages.

Can You Sleep with Partial Dentures?

It is safe and healthy not to sleep with the partial denture in your mouth. Sleeping with them is not recommended for many reasons. Partial dentures are developed for cleaning outside the mouth to ensure no food particles are trapped under the partial. Proper oral hygiene and keeping your partials clean is critical for the overall health of your gums. Moreover, your gums will benefit from the opportunity to rest and recover. If you are affected by the problem of bruxism, causing you to grind and clench your teeth, the pressure can damage both your natural teeth as well as the partials.

As you cannot or do not want to invest in permanent solutions, it is suggested that you contact Tamarack Dental for the partials. This facility focuses on giving you exceptional service and quality and provides you with a solution that is unique and fits your budget.