Dental Crowns in Altus, OK

Over time, your teeth may experience several different kinds of problems that require dental treatment. Thousands of patients get dental procedures done to treat damaged, injured, or decayed teeth. If the damage or decay is severe enough, a crown may be required after treatment to ensure that the tooth is protected. Dental crowns are a common way Tamarack Dental Associates professionals in Altus, OK, restore teeth, but many patients do not know much about crowns and why they’re so important.


A dental crown is a covering for your tooth that protects it from damage, decay, and trauma. Crowns are placed directly over the affected tooth, protecting it from trauma that could be caused by chewing and other activities. They are essentially used to replace the outside of your tooth with a natural-looking prosthetic, restoring your smile and the functionality of your bite. They can be made of several different materials, including ceramic, resin, porcelain and metal, or gold.


Your dentist may recommend a crown be bonded onto your teeth if they are weakened, broken, or cracked. They may also be suggested by your Tamarack Dental Associates professional after root canal treatment or when a filling will not adequately support the tooth. Crowns restore strength, appearance, alignment, and shape of teeth, giving you the confidence to show off your smile and the ability to eat and drink without experiencing difficulty. Since they look like your natural teeth, they won’t stand out at all, and your smile will be gorgeous.


Dental crowns protect the tooth structure underneath them once they’re cemented in place by your dentist. The tooth will be shaped so that the crown can fit securely on top of it, and then impressions of your teeth will be taken. Once this is done, the impressions will be sent to the lab, and a customized crown will be created. When it arrives, your dentist will bond the crown onto your prepared tooth and make sure everything fits properly.

You can have a beautiful smile and restore damaged teeth with dental crowns by your local Tamarack Dental Associates professional in Altus – call now to schedule an appointment.

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