What You Need To Know About Orthodontist And What They Do

What You Need To Know About Orthodontist And What They Do

In the corridors of dental hospitals, you may see the term Orthodontic written on the door. Many people do not know what this is about, what professionals in this field do, and when they may need these services. However, professionals in this area play a critical role in your dental care such that you should know whom they are. You should also know the kind of dental issues that may have you going through that door with the sign Orthodontics.  

What is Orthodontics? 

Orthodontics is about corrections of the dental structures. Professionals in this field are involved in the correction of teeth and jaws that are not properly positioned and aligned. If you have crooked teeth such that your teeth do not fit properly making it difficult to observe the necessary levels of dental hygiene, then corrections are necessary. Otherwise, you are facing tooth decay and other dental complications. In such cases, Orthodontics in Altus OK are the perfect solution for you. 

Orthodontics in Altus OK improves dental care by improving the health of the mouth. The difficulty in cleaning of teeth created by crooked may result to conditions ranging from dental decay, stress on the chewing muscles and even TMJ syndrome not to mention that your appearance with crooked teeth is not that appealing. Orthodontists are the professionals involved in the procedures and they are specialized dentists.  

When you need to see Orthodontists  

A dentist or an orthodontist make the decision whether you need to see these professionals after visiting a dentist Altus OK. The professionals make a prescription once they have reviewed your dental condition and observed that the care that is needed is more than what a dentist Altus OK can offer. If you have the following conditions or dental issues, then you are probably a candidate for a visit to an orthodontist.  

When you have an overbite  

An overbite is a condition whereby the upper front teeth are placed too far forwards such that they do not align with the lower teeth. This condition is also referred to a buckteeth. If you have been thinking that your condition is permanent and cannot be corrected, you should be pleased to known that orthodontists work on both jaws and teeth and can restore the alignment.  

When you have an underbite  

If the lower teeth are too forwards away from the front teeth such that they are not aligned when the teeth are clenched, then you have a condition referred to as underbite also known as bulldog. The teeth can be restored together and have them aligned with the right professional who is skilled for the role.  

When you have crossbite  

Crossbite is a condition characterized by the upper teeth not coming down slightly in front of the lower teeth when clenching the teeth together. Like other conditions, the upper and lower teeth are not aligned for a bite. This misalignment definitely needs correction. 

Other conditions such as when you have an open bite, a misplaced midline, gaps and spaces, and when the teeth are crowded may lead you to the professional for correction of your tooth structure. However, your dentist will determine this after assessing the level of correction that is needed to have normal teeth.  

Some of the correction techniques  

For correction, you may get braces. Braces may be able to enable your teeth to be realigned and positioned in the right place after a long period. The other corrections may be in the form of special fixed appliances, which are attached to the teeth and allow gradual readjustment. Fixed space maintainers are often used for babies who have lost their teeth earlier.  

Orthodontists may also prescribe aligners to have your teeth in position or jaw repositioning appliances to have your general dental structure improved. Palatal expanders and removable retainers are some of the useful corrections that may be prescribed and used by Orthodontists to make the necessary corrections. Many other useful techniques can be used to correct your dental structure. However, most of them are long-term solutions.  

Therefore, if you are having dental issues, you may search dentist near me online or just visit Tamarack Dental Associates in Altus OK to have your corrections made.